Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jacksonville Air Show at NAS Jax, featuring the Blue Angels

My family had a great time at the Jacksonville Air Show at NAS Jax today. (My camera is family too now.) It was my first time seeing the Blue Angels perform. I was impressed.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reflections on Travel (2 of 2)

Here are a couple more reflection pictures, playing on yesterday's theme.

Another passenger on the train from Villach to Ljubljana.

Unintentional photographer's self-portrait in the window of an Istanbul barber shop.

Intentional self-portrait in the window of a wine store in Bra, Italy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reflections on Travel (1 of 2)

These are some things I saw in mirrors and windows as I moved from place to place last summer.

A passenger enjoying the view on a train from Villach, Austria to Ljubljana, Slovenia. This young man was sitting a few cars over from us, and I couldn't stop photographing him. His eyes seemed to see the world as a place of beauty, filled with endless opportunity. (There's another frame of him in the portraits section of my new website).

Passengers napping away an afternoon bus ride.

In front of me on the same bus, where the people in the last picture were napping, there sat a group of Spanish teenage girls. They kept giggling and singing and throwing their hands up in the air. I was hoping to capture their energy and spirit of adventure in the reflection of their hands against the mountain view.

Sunset in the window of a rooftop café in Ljubljana. You could see the whole city from here.

My friends Vali, Safia and Bobby, and also a stranger checking herself in a window in Brasov, Romania.

That's me, shooting a self-portrait in a cluttered window in Bucharest, Romania.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kumkapi, Fatih, Istanbul (2)

Istanbul nostalgia drags on... Here are three more. Most of these were shot for a 24-hour deadline assignment during Foundry Photo Workshop, where we had to document a day in the life of a neighborhood.

This happened a stone's throw from Kumkapi, so I'm throwing it in the mix. This guy was riding his horse down down a heavily-trafficked six-lane street.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kumkapi, Fatih, Istanbul (1)

I've been feeling nostalgic for Istanbul lately, and especially the neighborhood where I was based during my time there. Kumkapi is a neighborhood in Istanbul's Fatih district that borders the Marmara. It's relatively conservative, populated with lots of Armenians and Kurds. There are also many international refugees since the Foreigner's Detention Center is located there.

What stood out to me the most after a month in Istanbul is that, no matter what time it is or where in the city you are, there is always something happening (and someone trying to sell you something). I walked past a barber shop after midnight on a Wednesday night once, and saw a customer getting a haircut. Nobody I was with found this strange.

I spent a while trying to capture the busy energy of the neighborhood, the texture and the beauty. Here are 3 I liked. More to come...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Balloon Sunrise in Cappadocia

Here are some outtakes from a story I stumbled upon last summer in Cappadocia about a hot-air balloon pilot school. During our visit to Cappadocia, my friend and I were tempted to take a hot-air balloon ride, but we were discouraged by the price tag. I decided to wake up before sunrise to jealously watch the balloons take off. I met some balloon pilots-in-training who let me tag along with them for a good part of their lessons that morning. They were a lot of fun. The first picture here, (featuring my canine friend) is on entry on my newly-redesigned website, You'll find the whole package under Vignettes.

This gorgeous spectacle happens every morning just outside Goreme, Turkey. The local stray dog seems impressed. But maybe that's just projection.

Balloon silhouette. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit jealous of all those passengers.

Photographer's shadow picture.

Pretty things in front of pretty things.