Friday, June 6, 2008

Cool Stuff

My friends Alex Hamadey and Alex Schuster are building a site for their custom audio production team Death Rides Alone and they wrote a blog entry about the music they wrote for my multimedia piece. They were a pleasure to work with and made everything seem very simple, so it was kind of cool to read what it was like from their end. I figured I'd share and also plug their work, which I think speaks for itself.

Also, this French political blog picked up a portrait I shot of Socialist French Presidential candidate Ségolène Royale at a rally she had in Paris over a year ago from my flickr account.

And I had a photo run in the Spring issue of the Boston Bicycle Reflector, a zine which you can pick up around town or download at their website.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Matthew's Graduation Party

I know you were all curious how the Photo Cake came out. It was my most delicious photo yet!

They also matted the portrait to this board and let his friends sign congratulatory notes around it with silver sharpie.

I managed to get one more photo of Matt on his laptop at the party, as some of his family friends sat nearby on barstools and chatted. He spent most of the day in his room playing video games with his friends.

And I made one more nice-looking portrait of Erica and Paul as I was leaving. I liked the warmth of the light coming from inside the house as they said goodbye to me and my dad.

These aren't the kinds of photos I love taking, but shooting something is better than nothing in terms of keeping me from going stir-crazy while I'm recovering. I enjoy portraiture, and it's good practice.

Erica and Paul: More Portraits

I've been spending quite a bit of time sitting down lately with my leg propped up. Did I mention I had my ACL reconstructed? I'm not able to drive (actually walking is still pretty difficult) so I haven't been able to shoot too much, but I managed to snag some portraits of my friends when they came over to "visit the sick" (sit on the couch with me and play Wii).

Erica Goldstein, an old friend of mine. Something about the composition here and the curls around her face lent this to a kind of nostalgic feel, so I leaned toward a Sepia tone when I was editing.

Paul Opperman and Erica Goldstein. Simple, straightforward portrait with window light.