Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Light on the Money

The center two pages of the CSM weekly magazine is always a photo spread. This week's was called "Panoply of Patterns". This was my contribution. I shot it on Front Street in the lovely little town of Bath, Maine, where I stopped on my way up to some assignments last month. The small title that ran with the photo read "Light On Cash". I'm not sure who wrote it, or why they avoided the obvious, terrible pun: "Light on the Money."

A streetlight casts a shadow on bricks and a bank depository in Bath, Maine. Sarah Beth Glicksteen/The Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My second CSM weekly cover

Well, ¼ cover this time, but still. I shot the Boston skyline at the lower left.


In the spirit of working through a nasty cough today, here's an article about people doing the same. I shot this a couple of weeks ago.

Of the several hundred people I photographed, perhaps 2 made eye contact with me. Even Boston can't possibly be full of this many unfriendly people; I maintain that the morning commute constitutes an altered state of mind.

Packed: Commuters crowd downtown Boston. Nearly half of US workers don't have paid sick leave, and some may ignore exhortations to stay home if feeling unwell.
Sarah Beth Glicksteen/The Christian Science Monitor

Friday, November 6, 2009

Such a beautiful country.

I kept my camera pointed out the window when I flew from San Francisco to Boston a couple of weeks ago after a weekend in Vegas celebrating my grandma's 80th birthday (who takes direct flights anymore, really?).

I spoke with an older woman who was so excited to have a window seat a couple of rows up from me. "I always feel like a child when I fly," she said, "We live in such a beautiful country."

I've been feeling the weight of a couple of national tragedies today, so it seems like a nice time to remember that.

San Francisco

Sierra-Nevada mountains.

(It doesn't hurt to note that this post is taking a page from shooting from the hip. Scott Strazzante, one of my favorite photographers-- and also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet-- posts photos from his flights on his blog when he travels on assignment. I enjoy them.)