Thursday, March 12, 2009

I may be the first award-winning Quidditch photographer

This morning I learned that this photo placed in the Sports category of the Boston Press Photographers Association 2008 college contest. I shot it while recording audio for a WTBU Radio sports package. Rule #1* never fails.

The Sport of Warlocks: Cody Buesing, an Emerson student and chaser for the Boylston Berserkers, takes flight briefly during a Quidditch match against Boston University on the Boston Common in November. Muggle Quidditch rules are based on those in the Harry Potter books.

*Rule #1: Take your camera with you everywhere you go.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"We really lost a guru."

The photo blog has lost its biggest fan, my family and the outpatient cancer floor at Good Samaritan hospital have lost a friend and a wealth of dirty jokes, and the National Watch and Clock Collectors have lost a mentor and an expert on Illinois railroad watches. Read condolences from his watch buddies in this lovely thread . I'm not biased. My grandpa was actually the best.

Bernie Levine, in Cincinnati's Krohn Conservatory. August 2007.

"Bernie leaves his family with a very good name." - John Cote

Bernie Levine in his home in Cincinnati, Ohio. January 2008.

Watch workshop desk in his home, Cincinnati, Ohio; March 2009. Just three weeks ago, Bernie put together a watch for a friend.

Endless support and affection from wife Millie. Hospice of Cincinnati, March 2009.