Sunday, October 26, 2008

Milkman dry milk

I staged & shot this in the studio to go with a HoFo essay about this exact brand of milk-- apparently the writer is quite nostalgic for it. We didn't have to track it down because he mailed us the box of it himself. I mixed and scattered Shaw's brand instant milk for effect. I got to borrow a D3 and 50mm 1.4 lens from the other intern, Ann Hermes, which really rocked this shoot. But we all know it's not the camera it's the photographer .

I wouldn't have bothered posting a boring studio shoot except that I got the sweetest email from the writer, who said the photo was "Absolutely fabulous".

College applicants, bigger.

I just downloaded all the choices I sent in to see if I wanted to post a different one to the blog than the one that published, but I agree that this is the best. What a pleasure to work with great editors.

Crunch time: Ayo Yayo (foreground), on a campus tour at the University of Massachusetts Boston, is considering transferring in to cut tuition costs. Dylan Begin (center) is also considering transferring in from a private school, which would reduce college loans, says his mother, Alice Gentili (right).
Me/The Christian Science Monitor

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Frontpage photo

A photo I shot yesterday is on the front page of CSMonitor. "Above the fold," if you will.

Not breaking news, just a campus tour to go with a related news story about prospective students in the financial crisis, but I was happy that I managed to turn it into a pretty good picture. Alfredo said on a normal day it would have gone on the front page in print tomorrow, too, but another staffer in Colorado filed something awesome for the lead story. More soon...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Foliage Searching Adventure Part I

This photo I took during a fall foliage viewing drive to Vermont published with a Home Forum essay about fall foliage in Vermont.

It looked really great in print, I ought to ask permission to publish a PDF of the page on my blog.

Honk!Fest bands at Oktoberfest in Harvard Square

Many of the activist marching bands from the Honk! festival in Somerville on Saturday performed in Harvard Square for Oktoberfest the following day as well. I was excited to have the day before Columbus day off. We don't publish on holidays so I got a "real weekend". These bands were so much fun and I shot tons of photos. I also recorded audio. And I danced a little bit, too.

They keep a flickr group so that the bands and other folks can see all the photos that were taken, so I played along, joined, shared. You can see MY photos in a slideshow of a very loose edit (read: lots of 'em) below.

Other places that might interest you now:
Read what Honk!Fest says about itself here.
See everything tagged honk!fest2008 on flickr.

Finding Nemo In Rhode Island

Alicia Lenci holds up a butterflyfish she caught while snorkeling off the coast of Rhode Island. (Me!/The Christian Science Monitor)

Check out the audio slideshow I did on tropical fish that follow the Gulf Stream north-- I photographed these "gulf stream orphans" off the coast of Rhode Island, and the folks who collect them. There are plenty of things I would have changed had time permitted, but I'm not unhappy with the final product as it was published. Hit play below or read the full article here.

I shot tons of photos for this; 3 ran in print here, and 4 ran in the int'l edition. I'm also doing a voiceover myself and re-editing the audio to make a package for my radio class. You might see this stuff in the future as well, but check this out for now.