Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yelle at Jack Rabbit's (RGB)

I left this year's Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar with hundreds of ideas spinning around in my head. David LaBelle told us to photograph our lives and document everything that's around us; Mike Davis told us to take qualitative photos, to use color to create moods, to keep our subjects out of the center of the picture ("See what happens when you put stuff in the dead center? just dies.") There was so much inspirational work being done, too many powerful images and ideas to process in such a short weekend.

As soon as I got back to Jacksonville, I met a friend to see Yelle, a super-fun French dance-pop group. Jack Rabbit's has long been one of my favorite local venues (In 2008, while on crutches, I met Nada Surf there). The light, fog and energy during the show was really great, and I couldn't help pulling out the camera for a few snaps when I wasn't shakin' it. Yelle in RGB: